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I want to apologise to you for the recent lack of articles from Intensive Care Monitor. This is the result of my elderly mother suffering a serious injury which has diverted my attention to her and away from academic matters such as the Monitor. To compensate you for this we will extend the duration of your subscription for an additional 8 months for those subscripted before 15th Sep 2017.

Best wishes
Charles Gomersall

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Keep up with current evidence-based literature

Read specially written abstracts of major RCTs, meta-analyses and systematic reviews which impact on critical care. Around 70 papers a year.

Expert Comment

All abstracts carry an expert comment written by a leading international intensivist and summed up by a 'bottom line'.

Added 'Extras'

Editorials on current topics, all papers graded for evidence level, recommended review papers, multiple choice questions, an index produced each year, key icons to highlight papers of special interest.

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"I have used Intensive Care Monitor throughout my training in intensive care medicine. However, it was in the preparation for the DICM exam that it truly proved itself to be an invaluable resource and I recently sat and passed the DICM. I have widely recommended Intensive Care Monitor to trainees and colleagues in N.Ireland, and will continue to do so."

Dr Aoibhin Hutchinson
Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I have subscribed continuously to Intensive Care Monitor since it was first published in March 1994. I have done so because it is very useful for me to access abstracts of papers impacting on the ICU which I have not read. The comments are particularly useful because they are both interesting and oriented to ICU practice."

Herve Zender
MD, Chief of the ICU, Hopital Neuchatelois
- La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

"I have recently been appointed as Director of the International Critical Care Fellowship program for Toronto General and Mount Sinai Hospitals, part of the University of Toronto. I have 10 clinical and research fellows and I have paid for a subscription for them for the Monitor. I have had a personal subscription for the last 5 years and as a consultant in Critical Care I find it very useful indeed. Because the Monitor contains expert international editorials, I think that it will be of great value for our fellows, especially when they return to their home country after they complete our program."

Dr. Andrew Steel
Director of the International Critical Care Fellowship
University of Toronto, Canada


Is Intensive Care Monitor available in other versions? + -

No, it is currently only available in a web version but we are planning Android and iOS smartphone/tablet versions.

Subscriptions can start at any time throughout the year. A subscription lasts for one year from the time of subscription, during which time we plan to publish abstracts of and comment on 70-80 papers. The exception is bulk subscriptions paid for by societies, these will have expiry dates determined by the initial month of subscription agreed with the society.

You need to create an account first. When prompted, enter the e-ticket code that your society sent you. When the subscription expires you will need a new e-ticket code but can continue to use the same account details.

They will no longer be published in issues but will be posted to the website as soon as they are available. Please sign up for email alerts if you wish to be notified when a new comment is available.

We offer markedly reduced rates for bulk subscriptions of more than 50 subscribers. The exact rate depends on the number of subscribers. Please contact Charles Gomersall (